Happy Easter!

It has always amused me that we go to church on Easter and come home to eat ham and have children look for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.

I know that these rituals derived from some pagan festival and that it was converted into what we know as Easter, the day of Christ’s resurrection, but it does tickle me that a rabbit lays eggs, hides them, children look for and find them and we reward that with ham and chocolate, in honor of God’s saving grace, his Son Jesus.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love Jesus. I love ham. Eggs are a favorite, and chocolate and I are the best of friends. And bunnies? I don’t know, I’ve never met one.

I’m only saying that it’s a bit on the humorous side of life.

And we mustn’t forget about tomorrow.  Flirt male



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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog 😉

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