Desktop Blog-publishing Applications

I’m downright annoyed. I prefer to write a blog entry in a desktop application and then upload that to my site. Windows Live Writer is the favored tool for this.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t write and publish an entry to a page within my blog.

I wouldn’t have thought that this would have been difficult to do but apparently this is something that only I would want to do. There are several desktop applications that you can choose from:

The aforementioned WLW, QTM, Zoundry RavenBlogDesk, w.bloggar, Thingamablog, Qumana, to name a few. All of them will publish a blog post but only to the main page. None of them will post to a page within the weblog.

If I want to publish a post to my blog using a desktop tool I certainly can, but if I want to write a post and place it in the Tech page of this blog I will need to open the site and write it up.


Edit: Technogran’s Tittle Tattle has a couple of excellent blogs on Windows Live Mail.


2 responses to “Desktop Blog-publishing Applications

  1. Er, Doug – you CAN write and publish an entry to a page within your blog using Windows Live Writer… WLW gives you the choice when you create a new entry to create a blog entry or a page entry…

    It will also allow you to retrieve a page from your blog for editing, as well as retrieving an blog entry for editing…

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