My take on Windows 8

The Good

1. The system tools are better. I love the changes to task manager, system recovery, etc.

2. It boots much faster

3. Most actions take less clicks/time after you learn the OS

4. It’s very elegant on touch enabled devices

5. It’s worked with all my hardware/games on my custom desktop

6. Older machines work better on this operating system

(Installing Windows 8 on your old PC could turn it into Greased Lightning)

7. It has good driver support and/or backwards compatibility

8. IE in Windows 8 is awesome on touch enabled devices. It trumps Chrome/Firefox for the first time ever (my opinion)


The Bad


1. It’s very different. It took me almost 4 weeks before I was as efficient in Win8 as Win7. Now, however, I’m more efficient in Win8 than Win7.

2. I still prefer the desktop mode of apps over the metro mode.

3. Most Microsoft store apps still immature.

  • The Mail app is worthless. You’ll need to get a real mail client.
  • Reader, Microsoft’s app for viewing pdf files is fair, but using Adobe Reader is easier and more comfortable feel.
  • The Photos app has very little to offer in the way of working with pictures. Windows Photo Viewer is easier to use and more versatile.

Windows 8 is Windows 7 with Microsoft Store integrated in it.

Windows 8 could fit into a corporate environment, depending on what type of environment it is. They wouldn’t use Mail (obviously) but Office 365, like Google Docs and Google Apps could work well. Some state entities are already using the Google Cloud, as it is less expensive than managing one’s own servers. Most, however, would likely use Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office or Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes.

I work with and help build operating system images. Building a Windows 8 image, streamlined without the some of the fluffier items and adding in the appropriate applications and policies could work nicely.

Group Policy would disable the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender in order to use a managed firewall with a managed antivirus.

Pinning shortcuts to the taskbar as I have (Firefox, Outlook, Excel, Active Directory, Microsoft Project, SecureCRT, etc.) gives me a working desktop, much like Windows 7. If I need to access outside of these basics, I simply go to the All Programs menu, now called Start and All apps.

Windows 8 in the home works well, as most home computer are used for gaming, browsing the internet, streaming video and email. Perfect.

I want to try Classic Shell and see how this changes W8 and what changes and enhancements are made with this tool.

If I had a tablet or some other touch device, I could see metro being more useful.

Overall, Window 8 is a better operating system that Windows 7.


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