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Comming along

This blog is turning into a project.

I started this blog oh so many years ago, when Microsoft offered free blogs with whatever the service was they were offering at the time. I had, if memory serves, some notes on Office 2007, that had just been released.

Sometime back, and again I’m not sure when, Microsoft unloaded all of their bloggers to WordPress. It doesn’t look like I kept anything; it appears that I just dumped whatever content I had to set up shop here. I set up a very handsome theme.

And then I walked away from it.

The missus has a blog that she updates from time-to-time, and she reads quite a number of them, so the other day I thought I’d dig up my old blog, dust it off and see where it takes me.

Like I said, I had a handsome theme but found that it was rather stiff and formal and didn’t suit me. I poked around and stumbled on javaj420’s blog. The layout is better and she has more of what I was looking to do with mine, so I patterned mine with similar features. Hopefully she won’t mind.

So I now have the blog page, an ‘about me’ page, and a ‘favorite books and movies’ page, and none of it is even remotely close to being set up.

I think I might like categories and tags, but that will need to come later. It seems like there are a number of plug-ins that might be nice to have, but I haven’t given them more than a once over. And I haven’t explored all of the widgets.

This is a free blog, so I don’t know how limited I am in this or what the ‘Upgrade to Pro’ costs or offers.

Does the date of this post show up on the page after publishing it?

Windows Live Writer does a fair job of  publishing what I write to this, so I’ll use that once I set the basics up.

Yuppers, it’s a project.


It’s a good start

I now have the side dishes, the format. Now I need the meat.

What am I doing?

No, seriously, what am I doing?

What happens it you have a blog with nothing to say?

Never mind, When I get this up-to-date and organized it will be worth reading.